Murder on the Clyde by Daniel Sellers

Murder on the Clyde by Daniel Sellers (ePUB) Free Download

Murder on the Clyde by Daniel Sellers (Detective Lola Harris #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Detective Lola is heading back over the river from a rare night out when she spots a crowd of people looking over the parapet. Someone’s gone in.
A young man called Cammy witnessed everything. He swears it’s the work of the Clyde Pusher, but is terrified of the police.

The Clyde Pusher is the stuff of urban legend. A hooded figure who throws men into the river to drown. Eight victims in five years.
But according to the police, the Pusher doesn’t exist. There are no reliable witnesses, nothing to link the victims.

Lola starts looking into the case unofficially but gets a rap on the knuckles from her higher-ups for nosing around.
Someone is trying to derail the investigation. What are they trying to cover up?
Because the Pusher is real. And he has Cammy in his sights . . .

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