Where the Pieces Lie by JD Kirk

Where the Pieces Lie by JD Kirk (ePUB) Free Download

Where the Pieces Lie by JD Kirk (DCI Logan #19)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Community service clean-up was supposed to be a tedious affair. But, when a young offender stumbles upon a bin bag filled with human remains, a quiet Highland village is thrown into chaos.

The investigation leads DCI Jack Logan to a remote and nightmarish cottage, where a forgotten freezer holds a disturbing discovery: a full set of human fingers.

As more body parts are uncovered, Logan and his team hunt for a killer with a gruesome obsession for collecting trophies.

Across the vast Highlands, where secrets run as deep as the lochs, the team must piece together a jigsaw puzzle of horror that’s as fragmented as the remains they’ve found.

But how do you solve a jigsaw when you can’t see the picture on the box?

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