Fogland by Michael Wallace

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Fogland by Michael Wallace
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ghosted by his partner and voluntarily removed from gainful employment, Ian is hiking the cliffs south of the Golden Gate Bridge when he sees a child fall into an abandoned WWII gun battery as a strange fog bank rolls off the Pacific. By the time the fog breaks, the boy has vanished, a promising first date has turned cold, and his erasure from reality has begun.

Friends forget him, family chats go dark, while cell service, MUNI cards, and even the lights in his apartment fail. Only lost souls can see him: the drugged and mentally ill and homeless, all hunted by a mysterious creature known as the Lusus, eater of screams, who first devours its prey, and then makes them suffer. Ian’s only remaining thread is his tarot-reading, mushroom-eating friend Chloe. Even as the Lusus systematically strips the final layers from Ian’s existence, Chloe introduces him to the reality-bending focal points in the city, and a last, desperate attempt to fight the monster who would devour him.

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