1999 by Amy Cross

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1999 by Amy Cross (The Haunting of Hadlow House #12)
English | 2023 | Horror

The year is 1999. Beth Cooper’s not exactly ecstatic when her parents announce that they’re moving the family out of the city. She’s even less happy when she learns that they’ve bought an abandoned old house that they want to fix up and turn into a luxury hotel.

Hadlow House has been standing empty and abandoned since it was struck by fire more than seventy years earlier. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. Beth’s parents set to work trying to restore the place to its former glory, but they soon start to notice that something strange seems to be afoot. Why are voices sometimes heard whispering at night? And what’s responsible for the sense of dread that everyone feels on the stairs?

Beth soon realizes that she’s living in a haunted house, but how can she persuade her parents that they need to abandon their plans? Something dark is lurking in the house, something that has a plan of its own. For Beth and her family, this attempt to start a new life might be about to take a tragic turn.

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