Killer on Board by Riccardo Braccaioli

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Killer on Board by Riccardo Braccaioli (Inspector Alex Cortes #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

There’s only one thing worse than fear: when it materializes and gives way to the darkest reality one could ever imagine.
A package delivered to a police station reopens a closed chapter.
A charred corpse in the kitchen of a cruise ship.
A clandestine clinic hiding bodies from botched operations.
Three stories intertwine in the second adventure of Inspector Alex Cortes.
Sergeant Cortes embarks on a desperate search for the most bloodthirsty serial killer in the history of Barcelona, tormented by his thirst for revenge after what was done to his sister.
Ghosts of the past resurface when the chief of the Mossos d’Esquadra forces Alex to swiftly solve a murder on a cruise ship.

Thus, the previous unresolved case sneaks back into Alex’s life, with the discovery of new cryptograms from the serial killer, who was thought to be dead.
In their search for the cruise ship murderer, agents Álex and Karla will be dragged to the limits of cunning. In their investigation, they will be helped by an ingenious chef, who will become their assistant in true Watsonian style.
Vengeance, mystery, and blood are the ingredients of this thriller, the second installment featuring Barcelona’s finest inspector.
Sergeant Cortés will have to use all his intuition and learn to curb his thirst for vengeance.

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