Rusty by Emmy Ellis

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Rusty by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate #23)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Anna Barker has had a troubled life since she was forced from her safe and secure home at eight years old. Or was it really safe and secure? As a child, she knew something was wrong, but not the true depths of the depravity. Years later, she works for the twins. Life is finally on the right track. Until someone from her past reappears…

A normal babysitting job soon turns sour for Rusty, and she finds herself trapped in a world she can’t escape. In her adult life, the past comes crashing back, forcing her to revisit the horrors in a way she’s always envisaged—and she ends the nightmare she’s lived for too long.

Nessa Feathers’ parents have never liked her, so when her dad cooks up a scheme to rob The Brothers, she grasses on him. But a shock comes in the form of someone asking her to join the ‘family business’. Should she go to the twins again or enter the shady operation?

Steaming angry regarding Anna’s story, George Wilkes has a chance to use his new medieval tools on the filth who hurt her. Not only that, he’s got a geriatric gang on his hands, has-beens who worked for Ron Cardigan. Life hasn’t been kind lately, and George could do with an outlet to vent his rage. “What better way than to torture someone to death, sunshine?”

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