Wrighting Old Wrongs by Maria Grace

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Wrighting Old Wrongs by Maria Grace
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Controlling Fire, Earth, Water, and Air with a simple touch would have been much more impressive if it paid the bills.

For nearly 200 years, the Wrights have controlled the Elements, shaping them to their will. But, the new era of industrialization threatens their extinction. Journeyman Wright Rebecca Fuller has more important things to worry about, though, like paying bills and keeping a roof over her head. Unfortunately, she inherited her father’s debts along with his shop. With the Guild limiting her prices, even a brisk business barely makes ends meet.
If only the Guild would consider her application for Mastery. But between having the audacity to be female and studying under the most unconventional Master in the Guild, her chances were as thin as Air.

Unfortunately for Guild Undersecretary David Enright, barrister, procedural maven, and all-around rule-follower, the Guild violated its own rules where Rebecca was concerned. With her irascible temper and unorthodox approach to working the Elements, she’s exactly what he wants most to avoid. Unfortunately, he can’t simply ignore her.

Rule-following aside, though, what she knows, what she can do, could be the key to saving the Wrights from extinction.
Audacious barely describes David’s strategy to right old wrongs. If Rebecca agrees, his plan could solve both their problems—or cost them everything.

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