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Back by DM Searle
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Big Pharma has bottled the fountain of youth. But synthetic innocence comes at a steep cost…
London. Nick Winters values truth above all. Fired five years ago for publishing an embarrassing piece against orders, the grizzled reporter finds himself on the edge of fifty and struggling to shine a spotlight on corruption. So when the editor who sacked him calls out of the blue with an exposé assignment, he seizes the opportunity to probe a lethal secret…

Exploring claims that a man committed murder under the influence of a drug the investigative journalist has experimented with himself, he digs into the company that holds the patent. But with the pill’s popular ability to temporarily regress older adults to their psychological youth, Nick quickly runs afoul of corporate assassins and deadly gangsters.

Will this determined writer’s quest for the real story make him a fatal headline?

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