World of Wreckage by Abby Goldsmith

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World of Wreckage by Abby Goldsmith (Torth Series #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In a ravaged city, a giant among warriors risks everything to liberate the galaxy, in the epic third installment of this dystopian space-opera adventure.
Ariock Dovanack never asked to be a hero, let alone a demigod.

But when a prophecy deemed him “The One,” he dutifully amassed thousands of messianic followers in the sun-starved civilization beneath the Torth Empire’s capital. Now, destined to lead the cave-dwelling Alashani people into the light of other worlds, he and a small army must first annihilate the formidable telepaths who guard the city’s spaceport.
By Ariock’s side is Thomas Hill. A Torth/human hybrid, Thomas may be physically vulnerable, but he’s also a telepathic supergenius. With their combined powers of healing brawn and awesome brain, Ariock and Thomas share a fearsome reputation among their enemies in the Torth Empire. To the ruling supergenius known as the Upward Governess, they’re outlaws who must be eliminated at any cost—even if it means sacrificing her own armies.

As if that weren’t enough, on his daring journey to the spaceport, Ariock encounters a legendary hero: his own great-grandfather, Garrett Dovanack. Thought long dead, it seems the old man has actually been stationed among the galactic Torth as a sleeper agent all this time.
Forswearing his prior allegiance and quickly switching sides, Garrett unveils a seemingly perfect path to victory for Ariock. But he has sorely underestimated Thomas, and his wrong-headed assumptions could topple his great-grandson’s mission—and doom the first civilization Ariock has sworn to liberate and return to glory.

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