Buried Past by Nora Kane

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Buried Past by Nora Kane
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A rookie cop, a city of shadows, and a quest for justice that could cost her everything.
In the shadowy depths of the city, where the lines between right and wrong fade, a determined Margot Harris embraces her role as a police officer, driven by a deep desire to make a difference.
Fresh on the force and carrying the weight of her tumultuous past, Margot is determined to stand against the violence that once shattered her own world.

Her ideals are tested when she confronts an abuser with more than just the law.
Her actions land her in the heart of a murder investigation, with the victim none other than the man she sought to punish. Haunted by the shadows of her father’s abuse, Margot’s quest for justice turns personal, drawing her into a labyrinth of deceit and betrayal.
When the very officer intent on pinning the murder on her meets a deadly fate, the case spirals into a complex web that threatens to consume her career—and her sense of right and wrong.

This is the untold story of Margot’s first steps into a world that would eventually push her from the ranks of the police to the gritty streets as a private investigator.
This gripping addition to the beloved series offers a deeper understanding of a character who has captivated readers with her resilience and determination to seek justice, no matter the personal cost.
Discover the trials that forged her path, the allies she found in unlikely places, and the enemies who would stop at nothing to see her fall.
Every legend has a beginning—this is Margot’s.

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