The Promise by Matt Drabble

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The Promise by Matt Drabble
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It has been almost five years since Dr Kira Hopkins sat in a dingy bar across from the hospital after receiving the worst possible news concerning her daughter’s illness. The memory of that night was a blur but she had a vague recollection of the man who’d at some point sat down beside her in the booth offering kindness and understanding.

The following morning she’d woken to a strange sense of calm and a small cut to her palm that had already started to heal over.

Life had continued on after Phoebe’s miraculous recovery and for the next five years the memory of that dark night had faded until a save the date card had popped through her letterbox. Now she feels like she was starting to lose her mind as the world around her was becoming increasingly dangerous and bizarre. A man is making a demand for payment for his services and the laws of normality don’t seem to mean much in his pursuit of what he is owed.

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