Interstellar Assault by Vaughn Heppner

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Interstellar Assault by Vaughn Heppner
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

With their homeworld a radioactive ruin due to alien bombardment, the last hope of a beaten race is the Voyager Akkad. It’s a vast, generational vessel with a magnetic ram scoop, working year after year to reach relativistic speeds as the passengers search for a new star system to colonize.

Then marauding Vims in the old system spot the Akkad and launch three interstellar missiles. It might take 300 years for the missiles to reach the ship, but the relentless chase across deep space has begun.
This is the story of the heroic Sargon, his granddaughter Ningal and her son Assur as they face munity, scientific evil and the despair of a seemingly doomed voyage. It is also the tale of James Petty, one of the most powerful CEOs of 2060 Earth, and Colonel Mike Steele leading humanity’s first space marines in an experimental Orion ship—using nuclear bombs for propulsion.

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