The Little Book of Threads by Sayre Van Young, Marin Van Young

The Little Book of Threads: 1400 of the Most Postable Quotes of All Time by Sayre Van Young, Marin Van Young
English | 2023 | Education & Reference

Need a little inspiration for your next post on Threads? The Little Book of Threads features 1400 short, poignant and funny quotes from every walk of life and for every conceivable topic.

The succinct, punchy quotes in this wonderfully diverse collection come from writers, celebrities, artists, and politicians all over the world, including Barack Obama, Oscar Wilde, Dolly Parton, Julia Child, Tupac Shakur, and Hunter S. Thompson. With an easy-to-use, A-to-Z organization by topic, you can quickly find the perfect quote for anything you want to post about.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” —Oscar Wilde
“You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.” —Dolly Parton
“I read part of it all the way through.” —Samuel Goldwyn

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