Jon Fosse – Nobel Prize in Literature, 2023 (17 Books)

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Jon Fosse – Nobel Prize in Literature, 2023
English | Fiction & Non-Fiction | 17 Books

JON FOSSE (b. 1959) is a Norwegian author and dramatist. His oeuvre spans a variety of genres including a wealth of plays, novels, poetry collections, essays, children’s books and translations. He was awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature “for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable.”

Fosse is one of the most widely performed playwrights in the world and his work has been translated into more than fifty languages. His writing is chararcterised by repetition, inner monologue, and a musical, evocative style. Thirty plays are included in this collection.

Although best known internationally as a playwright, Fosse has always written in other genres at an unusually high level. His novels include MELANCHOLY I (1995) and MELANCHOLY II (1996), about the real Norwegian painter Lars Hertervig. TRILOGY (2014) consists of three parts (Wakefulness, Olav’s Dreams, and Weariness) and is a beautiful and disturbing story about a fiddler and his girlfriend, for which Fosse won the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize in 2015.

Fosse’s longest work to date is SEPTOLOGY (2019–21), which he started during a break from playwrighting and after converting to Catholicism in 2013. Fosse has called his method of writing Septology “slow prose”: a style of shifting levels, scenes, and reflections, the exact opposite of fast-paced drama. It is a suggestive, magnificent narrative about the nature of art and God, about alcoholism, friendship, love, and the passage of time.

His most recent prose work, the novel A SHINING (2023), is a luminous narrative exploring the boundary between life and death.

== PROSE ==

* A Shining (Transit, 2023)
* Aliss at the Fire (Dalkey Archive, 2010)
* Aliss at the Fire (Fitzcarraldo, 2022)
* Melancholy I-II (Fitzcarraldo, 2023)
* Melancholy II (Dalkey Archive, 2014)
* Scenes from a Childhood (Fitzcarraldo, 2018)
* [Septology I-II] – The Other Name (Fitzcarraldo, 2019)
* [Septology I-II] – The Other Name (Transit, 2019)
* [Septology III-IV] – I Is Another (Fitzcarraldo, 2020) 
* [Septology III-IV] – I Is Another (Transit, 2020)
* [Septology VI-VII] – A New Name (Fitzcarraldo, 2021)
* [Septology VI-VII] – A New Name (Transit, 2021)
* Trilogy: Wakefulness, Olav’s Dreams, Weariness (Dalkey, 2022)

== PLAYS ==

* The Dead Dogs (Oberon, 2014)
* Death Variations [tr. Sunde] (PAJ, 2007)
* I Am the Wind (Oberon, 2012)

* Plays One: Someone Is Going to Come Home; The Name; The Guitar Man; The Child (Oberon, 2002)
* Plays Three: Mother and Child; Sleep My Baby Sleep; Afternoon; Beautiful; Death Variations (Oberon, 2004)
* Plays Four: And We’ll Never Be Parted; The Son; Visits; Meanwhile the Lights Go Down and Everything Becomes Black (Oberon, 2005)
* Plays Five: Suzannah; Living Secretly; The Dead Dogs; A Red Butterfly’s Wings; Warm; Telemakos; Sleep (Oberon, 2011)
* Plays Six: Rambuku; Freedom; Over There; These Eyes; Girl in Yellow Raincoat; Christmas Tree Song; Sea (Oberon, 2014)

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