The Last Trip by Rowen Chambers

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The Last Trip by Rowen Chambers
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

What should’ve been a relaxing week with friends turns into a terrifying game of survival.
Every year, Beth and her husband Derek go on a trip with their friends from college. This year they’re meeting at a luxurious cabin nestled deep in the snow-covered mountains of New Hampshire.
Soon after they arrive, Beth gets a bad feeling about the place. She begs Derek to leave, but with this being their only vacation all year, he’s determined to stay.

Beth tries to relax and enjoy the time with her friends, but that ominous feeling returns when the only road out becomes blocked and their phones go missing.
When one of the friends is found dead, Beth panics. Everyone assures her it was just an accident, but when another friend dies from yet another accident, Beth doesn’t believe it. She’s certain someone did it, and worries she might be next.
With no way to call for help and no way to leave, Beth is convinced this trip was a setup. A way to lure them all there and kill them.
But why? And who among them is behind it?

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