Five Star Cabin by E.K. Green

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Five Star Cabin by E.K. Green
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Snow smothers the still-warm body just outside the visitor’s lodge.
Stephanie Keene is free from her terrible past. For once she’s going to take a nice relaxing vacation all alone in a remote snowy resort.
No WIFI, and not even a landline at the cabin? Isn’t that strange?
But Stephanie has things she doesn’t want people finding out about her. The more isolated she is, the better.


It’s not just a great cabin, it’s a Five Star Cabin. Nothing bad can happen there.
Strange howls at night, and odd behavior of the other guests… has someone been in her cabin?
Do these people know who Stephanie really is? Why are they after her?
How will she survive?

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