The Babylon Plot by David Leadbeater

The Babylon Plot by David Leadbeater (Joe Mason #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

In this high-stakes battle of survival, the rules are simple: kill or be killed.
When ex-MI5 operative Joe Mason gets a call from the Vatican, he knows it is bad news. Marduk, crazed leader of The Amori cult, has escaped from a fortress-like prison in Milan, and he’s hell-bent on revenge. His target? None other than Joe Mason himself.

Fuelled by an unrelenting hatred for Mason, Marduk launches a burning vendetta: to not only destroy his nemesis but annihilate the very foundations of the church itself.
As the cult’s sadistic assassins close in, Joe and his team embark on a treacherous pursuit of Marduk across Europe in a life-or-death race against time to unravel his conspiracy.

Both Joe and Marduk are out for blood – and in this game, it’s winner takes all. But can Mason and his team uncover the plot in time? And who will strike first in a battle that can leave only one person standing?

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