The Paris Vendetta by Shan Serafin

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The Paris Vendetta by Shan Serafin
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The glittering world of high finance conceals a dark underbelly of corruption and abuse. And the powerful men at its heart will do just about anything to keep their secrets from being exposed.

The Paris conference was supposed to be the biggest moment of investment banker Adam Macias’s career, a chance to impress his CEO and rub shoulders with their firm’s top investors. Instead, Adam arrives at a glamorous rooftop party in time to see his CEO―and his career―go up in flames when a dangerous conflagration interrupts the event.

Now Adam is a suspect in the investigation into the life-threatening arson. After all, he’d used his ID to let a suspicious woman past a security checkpoint and up to the roof just moments before the fire broke out. With the French police circling, Adam finds himself suddenly jobless and the one woman who could provide him with an alibi, his best friend and coworker Jenn, isn’t returning his calls.

Adam knows that only the mysterious woman from the party can save him but, once he finally finds her, he discovers a whole new world of trouble. There’s a deadly and powerful syndicate operating in the shadows of the City of Lights, and now that organization has a target on Adam’s back. Lucky for him, his new companion has the instincts of a killer.…

The exhilarating first novel from filmmaker and James Patterson collaborator Shan Serafin, The Paris Vendetta is a pulse-pounding thrill ride through central Europe’s most beautiful cities―Paris and Amsterdam―that exposes the rot beneath their gorgeous facades.

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