Murder Most Cold by Victoria Dowd

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Murder Most Cold by Victoria Dowd (Smart Woman’s Mysteries #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A winter wedding.
A mysterious disappearance.
A body under the ice.
Handsome Spear proposes marriage and Ursula Smart suddenly has a glimpse of the sort of happy life she had never imagined for herself. Beginning with a small winter wedding, on the edge of a secluded, frozen lake, away from it all.

But trouble is never far from the Smart women, especially when the atmosphere is already so frosty.
Tensions start rising as soon as they arrive and it’s not just Ursula’s mother Pandora getting cabin fever.
Poisoning. Stabbing. A mysterious disappearance. Who’s targeting the wedding party?
Then on a midnight jaunt, Ursula sees a face trapped under the ice, eyes staring in frozen horror. And her happy future begins to fall apart.
Weddings should be joyous occasions. But there’s a murderer at this one.

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