Beneath the Shatter by T. A. Reilly

Beneath the Shatter by T. A. Reilly
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The fall of magic led to the rise of corruption.
Twelve years ago, Cassandra left Verastarr, the land she had grown to love. Shortly after, she watched the Vanaiyer realm fall to the Nordak. The Vanquishing tore apart the five regions, brought about by Seefers-creatures born of corrupt magic-and the banishment of powers.
Shadows are creeping in closer than ever.
Entrapped in a mist of time, Cassandra finds herself back in Verastarr. The region is different. Darker. Sinister. Is it the presence of wolvyn Commander, Prince S├ębastien Capetian, or something more ominous?
Don’t play with the big, bad wolf, unless you want to get bitten.

Monsters prowl under the darkness of night, but the dangers hiding in broad daylight are even more treacherous. In a time where those with ancient magic are hunted, can Cassandra trust those around her?
A destiny fabricated of secrets and lies.
As truths are revealed, Cassandra is forced to take a stab at destiny before she falls prey to the terrors of the Nordak. But it would mean giving up the present … and her future.
Is the sacrifice worth the inevitable outcome?

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