Magic and Myth: Short Stories by Kathryn Trattner

Magic and Myth: Short Stories by Kathryn Trattner
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 906 KB

The stories in Magic and Myth reveal the connection between everyday occurrences and the otherworldly. The place where we pause to reassure ourselves that the world is full of the mundane and unmagical in every way–even as we check beneath the bed for monsters.

Explore the point where myths and humanity collide and build a home, where unexpected magic crackles in the firelight, and the seasons gather around the dinner table. Crisscrossing these pages are creatures from dreams and legends–love and horror are intertwined, revenge is sweeter than any summer evening, and desire can be enough to reshape reality.

This collection includes:
Blackberry Baby – based on the fairy taleThe Snow Child
The Deer Woman – based on the myths of the Deer Woman
Fire Watch – magical realism about the seasons
The Black Cat – based on the myths about the boogeyman
Tornado – magical realism flash fiction about the seasons

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