Silence of the Killer by Mary Stone

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Silence of the Killer by Mary Stone (Villain’s Story #8)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When past and present collide, death smiles.
Just as Deputy Justice Hall thought he was free to bask in the glow of his latest triumphs, his world is jolted when thousands of haunting messages flood his inbox, each one echoing the same sinister question…
Are you ready?

Worse, the messages are accompanied by a live stream video—a grotesque showcase that Justice prays is a sick hoax. Yet, the horror on his screen turns into vivid reality when two headless corpses are discovered. With no witnesses, no murder weapon, and no suspects, the small town is on edge, and Justice feels the weight of the killer’s gaze fixed firmly on him. For good reason.
The cryptic letters found scrawled in blood near the victims have nothing to do with Jesus, Justice knows. They’re code for What Would Justin Do? It’s a nod to the notorious serial killer Justin Black, whose heinous legacy seems to live on through an acolyte hell-bent on outdoing his idol’s atrocities. And there’s only one person who can help Justice stop the copycat. Justin’s sister, Winter Black.
In a chilling twist of fate, Justice must confront his own demons to seek Winter’s assistance, plunging into a dark alliance that blurs the lines between past and present horrors. As they unite against an evil more sinister than they imagined, the question isn’t just whether they can stop the copycat—it’s whether they can do so without becoming monsters themselves.

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