Like Mother, Like Daughter by Dawn Goodwin

Like Mother, Like Daughter by Dawn Goodwin (ePUB) Free Download

Like Mother, Like Daughter by Dawn Goodwin
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Lisa Marco has had to face the bitchy clique of school mums for years, ever since her fall out with Christina Valdecchi, the mum of her daughter’s best friend. The fun parent that never misses a chance to remind Lisa she doesn’t measure up.

Lisa was taught that being a good parent meant making the hard choices. She understands why Christina’s ‘friendship parenting’ approach makes her fun, but Lisa’s priority is keeping her daughter safe, even if she fears it’s driving her daughter away.
But tonight when Christina and Lisa get the call that every parent dreads, they will have to confront the choices that brought them here.

They say mothers know best, but how well do they really know their daughters?
A totally gripping, page-turning thriller perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Adele Parks and Lesley Kara.

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