Gravity Storm by Toby Neighbors

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Gravity Storm by Toby Neighbors (Order of Scion #3)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

It takes a lot of luck to colonize a planet.
It will take more than luck to keep it.
Mitch Murphy used to be a Lieutenant in the Colonial Marine Corps. That was before he was invited to join the mysterious Order of Scion, an intergalactic group focused on making the entire universe a more habitable place. But the Order has enemies, and Mitch has become one of them.

After saving his old combat squad on New Terra, Mitch reveals his new abilities to the officers in charge of the colony. To some, it seems like magic, to others it’s an opportunity for their own selfish aims. As he grows in power, Mitch will be able to lead humanity in an expansion across the galaxy. But some people only see Mitch as a weapon. They will seek to control him and to seize more power than any one person was ever meant to have.

Across the galaxy, a cold, cunning alien being has been plotting to take down the Order of Scion. His trap is nearly set, and all he needs to do is coax the Order into it. He has a foolproof plan to do it, but he hasn’t taken into consideration that Mitch Murphy is the first human to join the Order. And that might turn everyone’s plans back on their heads.

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