Her Little Secret by Shannon Esposito

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Her Little Secret by Shannon Esposito
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Secrets can be deadly.
In the small coastal town of Edgewater, Florida, a beautiful young mother lies lifeless in an abandoned lifeguard stand, her wrists sliced open and strange cuts on her thighs.
It appears to be a suicide, but Detective Mila Harlow knows better than to accept that without all the facts. Mila’s heart breaks when she discovers the woman’s identity, and that she has a six-month-old baby girl, now an orphan. Will the autopsy confirm this wasn’t a suicide but a brutal murder?

Mila learns the victim has recently moved to town. Was she running away from something, and did someone from her past follow her here? Or is there a cold-blooded killer living among them?
As Mila uncovers some disturbing facts about the victim’s life, a rapidly approaching hurricane adds considerable urgency to the investigation. With the first forty-eight hours being the most critical, she’s racing against the clock to gather evidence and conduct interviews before the whole town shuts down for the storm.

As a mother herself, Mila is prepared to risk everything to get justice for the victim and her baby girl. But how far is the killer willing to go to stop her? And does “everything” include her own life?

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