Colossus Rising by Abby Goldsmith

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Colossus Rising by Abby Goldsmith
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Having obliterated entire civilizations, the Torth Majority is now threatening humanity itself. Barreling through deep space—and hunted every dark mile by armadas, saboteurs, and kamikaze armies—the passengers of a refugee streamship must outrun everything they left behind if they hope to stay alive.
Instilled with illegal superpowers, Ariock is a literal giant among gladiators. It’s in his blood: his legendary great-grandfather outwitted the Torth, and Ariock himself dared to betray them.

Thomas, on the other hand, is a supergenius. Sure, he’s physically disadvantaged, but his mind is a brainwashing, telepathic, terrifying wonder to behold. What he’s done to outlast the abuses of his youth is something of a mystery . . . and possibly malevolent. Not even Vy, his caretaker and foster sister, knows all of Thomas’s secrets.
What all three share is a fear of the unknown. Their ship on the last dregs of fuel, they crash-land on a distant planet still under the toxic, storm-filled fallout of an ancient nuclear war. Turns out this hell-scape is the ancestral homeworld of the Torth. And while that savage empire couldn’t withstand this poisoned sludge of a planet, it doesn’t mean they’re not still guarding it.

On a predatory world of mutant monstrosities and relentless galactic enemies, Thomas foresees nothing but death and defeat. But it’s do-or-die for Ariock and the streamship exiles who are fighting to survive—and somehow find light in a dead city of eternal night.

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