Halves and Half Nots by John Hundley

Halves and Half Nots by John Hundley (ePUB) Free Download

Halves and Half Nots by John Hundley (Spaceship Huey Adventures #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A mighty armada. A fleet of pirates. Can a desperate shifter rally a band of cutthroats to save the human colonies … and the woman he loves?
Clifford Crane’s heart is being ripped out. He’s fallen for his gorgeous, sharp-tongued partner—and she’s about to leave forever. So, when an enemy armada delays her escape, he’s determined to use the borrowed time to convince her to stay.

Heather Felton wants to run. The near-death of her partner on their last mission unearthed feelings—feelings that once ruined her. But when a crisis precludes her resignation, she finds herself captain of the Huey—facing a more dangerous foe—and responsible for the life of a man she can’t allow herself to love.
If Clifford can get one task off his plate—convincing a bunch of self-serving pirates to risk their lives fighting for a good cause—he can focus on convincing her they have a future together. If Heather can lead his makeshift navy—a ragtag band of cutthroats who answer to no one—to victory over an invincible armada, she’ll bury her feelings once and for all.

But first … they both need to survive.
Can Clifford Crane and the SS Huey defeat an invincible armada, save the human colonies from a thousand years of subjugation, and find true love? Or will Clifford’s hopes and dreams—along with the lives of his crew—be crushed under the heel of a soulless paramilitary corporation?

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