Cold Crash by Mary Stone, Donna Berdel

Cold Crash by Mary Stone, Donna Berdel (ePUB) Free Download

Cold Crash by Mary Stone, Donna Berdel (Ellie Kline #13)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

On a crash course with death.
Ellie Kline’s return to the world of crime investigation is heralded by two unexpected texts. The first bears unsettling news from her mother…a family friend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident, suicide, or foul play?
Before Ellie can process this family tragedy, the second text arrives, jolting her back into professional mode. The Charleston Police Department, grappling with a case that could shake the city’s upper crust, lifts Ellie’s suspension but pairs her with a partner to investigate the case.
A lone ranger at heart, Ellie isn’t pleased.

But as a scion of a respected family, Ellie’s deep roots in Charleston’s elite circles make her the perfect choice to untangle the web surrounding one of their own’s tragic end. Embarking on a journey through the labyrinth of high society, Ellie’s search for the truth yields more questions than answers. Each interview leads to frustrating dead ends.
And more dead bodies.
With the line between ally and enemy blurring, Ellie’s quest for the truth turns into a race against a killer determined to keep the past buried.

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