For You by Mike McCrary

For You by Mike McCrary
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 508 KB

He confessed to killing three people. He said he did it… for you.
Hannah Rush waited too long to end a bad marriage. Wanting a fresh start, she tries to move on by living a little in the fast lane. She engages in some harmless flirtation with a man at a local coffee shop, but he’s not as harmless as he seems.

One night he murders three strangers in cold blood. Telling the world he did it for Hannah.

As her story brings relentless media attention, Hannah encounters a surviving final girl and learns of a series of similar incidents with other women. Scrambling to end her nightmare, she’s pulled deeper into a dangerous world, leading her to some of humanity’s darkest corners. Hannah is pushed to the edge when that darkness threatens the people she loves the most.
Can Hannah stop this terror before it’s too late?

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