Elijah Co by Dan W. Luedke

Elijah Co by Dan W. Luedke
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 3 MB

Dr. Lars Sorenson has lost support for his dream of a cancer center. Lars Sorenson, an ambitious young oncologist, is crushed when the promised funding for his cancer center is withdrawn. An obsessively secretive company, Elijah-Co, appears as a white knight—but with its own agenda. Lars can conduct human trials on Elijah-Co’s new cancer-killing drugs, but only if he agrees to perform a shadow study of one of them, EJ 181. Animal data suggests that this drug can reverse the aging process. Lars must prove its effectiveness in humans by conducting a clandestine trial. His research takes on greater urgency when he discovers that his wife’s mysterious illness may be cured by EJ 181. Half-truths and lies dot the landscape as Lars pursues Elijah-Co’s true goal of proving that EJ 181 can endow amortality.

Fiction is reality on steroids, and the novel Elijah-Co delivers that. Science fiction, however, needs to have deep roots in reality—the science must be believable. Dan Luedke’s experience with clinical cancer research provides the expertise for a credible scientific platform as Elijah-Co pursues age reversal and amortality.

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