Death On Location by David K. Wilson

Death On Location by David K. Wilson (A Sam Lawson #5)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 507 KB

When the alligator-eaten remains of an 80s TV star are discovered while filming a movie in the East Texas swamps, local detective Sam Lawson is hired to find out if the actor was just an unfortunate midnight snack or the victim of murder.

However, the producer who hired Sam has a plot twist of his own. He insists that one of the movie’s actors shadow Sam to see how a real detective works. Josh Cole, known for his straight-to-cable romantic comedies and aww-shucks personality, is eager to learn and Sam soon finds he can use his celebrity status to his advantage. The two soon form an unlikely partnership that has them investigating beautiful actresses, a giant Bigfoot and a local drug kingpin. From alligator-infested swamps to a Dallas strip club, Sam and Josh retrace the victim’s final days in hopes of shining a spotlight on the murderer.

But while Sam is busy solving this murder, a serial killer from his past is lurking in the shadows… with his eye on Sam’s fiancé.

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