Dead Widow Road by Amy Cross

Dead Widow Road by Amy Cross (ePUB) Free Download

Dead Widow Road by Amy Cross (The Horrors of Sobolton #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Many years ago, a bus containing ten recently married men crashed just outside Sobolton. All the passengers died, leaving ten grieving widows.
Now only one of those widows is still alive, and she wants answers. Susan Walpole believes that the truth about the crash has never come out, and that some of the details have been deliberately hidden to protect the guilty. She knows that uncovering the truth will be difficult, but she has one secret weapon up her sleeve.

Susan Walpole believes she can contact the dead.
As John and Lisa find themselves caught up in the mystery, they both begin to realize that even Susan hasn’t grasped the true horrors that led to that awful accident. Something is waiting out on the road, at the exact spot where the bus plunged to its doom, and Susan’s quest for answers might just bring about yet another tragedy.

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