Kingdom of Claw by Demi Winters

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Kingdom of Claw by Demi Winters (The Ashen #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Silla Nordvig survived the Road of Bones.

In the aftermath of her journey, her dreams of a simple life have been shattered. Beaten, betrayed, and reeling from the revelation of her true name, she flees Kopa with Reynir Galtung, ruthless leader of the Bloodaxe Crew. But Silla soon discovers Rey has been keeping secrets of his own, and they’re forced into hiding together.

Stuck in a shield-home with the murderous man she thought she knew, Silla forms a new plan: master the magic flowing through her veins to save her sister. But before she can do that, Silla must face her most formidable opponent yet–her own inner demons.

Saga Volsik has nothing to lose.

They’ve murdered her family. Stolen her throne. And now they expect her to marry their son. But when she discovers her foster mother has been keeping the biggest secret of all, everything changes.

Saga’s goal: dismantle Queen Signe’s plans piece by piece. The only problem? The handsome Zagadkian dignitary who knows far too many of her secrets.
Meanwhile, dark threads continue to weave themselves through Íseldur as magic long thought dead begins to wake. In this follow-up to The Road of Bones, both women will need to find the strength to step into their destiny and stop chaos from sweeping across the land.

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