1939 by Amy Cross

1939 by Amy Cross (The Haunting of Hadlow House #10)
English | 2023 | Horror

The year is 1939, and Europe once again stands on the brink of war. In the English village of Cobblefield, tensions run high as everyone waits to see whether disaster can be averted.

Caroline Demeter has been running the local pub for many years now. Haunted by memories of her tragic past, Caroline struggles to hold onto her sanity, while trying to deal with the potential collapse of her remaining family. Every scrap of logic tells her that the danger should be over, that the past is firmly locked away, yet in the dead of night she still fears that vengeance is coming

Caroline has always sworn that she will never, ever set foot in Hadlow House again. Now that she’s being lured into the forest, however, she starts to wonder whether she might have misunderstood her destiny all along. Having been hiding for so many years, she finally comes to understand that in fact she might be the only person who can stop the house’s evil forever.

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