Word Nerds Unite! by Webb Garrison

Word Nerds Unite!: The Fascinating Stories Behind 200 Words and Phrases by Webb Garrison
English | 2023 | Education & Reference

Why are spectacularly successful movies called blockbusters? Why does “putting your best foot forward” mean you hope to make a good impression? Why is rowdy and prankish behavior called horseplay and what does it have to do with the rarity of horses? Word Nerds Unite! shares 200 fascinating word meanings for fans of Wordle, Scrabble, and other word games.

You’ve probably used words or phrases like these without giving them a second thought. But you’ll be surprised and interested to discover the fascinating and sometimes curious origins to these fun sayings!

In Word Nerds Unite! you’ll find
• 200 quirky, interesting words, phrases, and colloquial terms
• Backstory for these colorful sayings still used today
• How some of our favorite expressions have evolved through the years

You’ll discover such fascinating word and phrase origins for
• handwriting on the wall
• play for keeps
• raining cats and dogs
• break the ice
• bull’s eye
• and many more!

Word Nerds Unite! is perfect for word lovers, Wordle enthusiasts, homeschoolers, and anyone curious about the illuminating history of 200 words that pepper our everyday dialogue and how they gained contemporary use. Organized by subject, each chapter begins with a quote, an introductory paragraph, and a list of what you’ll discover! This fun read is great for sharing with and gift-giving to the Word Nerd in your life—even you!

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