Went Missing by Chris Riley

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Went Missing by Chris Riley (Sam Nolan)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Sam Nolan is a man with a history he is desperately hiding from. Born a cattle rancher, he grew up near the Gila Wilderness, where he learned how to live off the land from an Apache friend. As he grew older, he applied these skills as a hunting guide, local Search and Rescue leader, and ultimately, after 9-11, as a United States Special Forces Operative.

Now, while living alone in the wilderness near his family’s ranch and trying to recover from PTSD, Sam learns that his brother, Bryson, also a skilled hunter and survivalist, has mysteriously gone missing, deep in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The incident carries with it a haunting echo of Sam’s past, as well as a calling to come out of seclusion, in which he tries to solve the mystery of what happened to his brother. And what Sam discovers in the process is a darkness beyond the scope of his own suffering – along with something he could never have imagined.

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