Vegan Recipes from France by Kristina Arnold

Vegan Recipes from France by Kristina Arnold
English | 2023 | Food & Cooking

French food is regional, full of variety, and above all designed for enjoyment. But it is also traditionally rich in products of animal origin: meat, butter, cream, eggs, and cheese. Vegan Recipes from France translates all the French classics into vegan alternatives. You will discover many easy recipes to make, with simple ingredients.

The book starts with all the basic recipes that are the foundation of French cooking such as stocks, baguette, brioche, croissants, b├ęchamel, aioli, and cheese. There are recipes for delicious vegan appetizers such as soups, terrines, and many original salads. Main dishes offer a selection of tarts and tartlettes, gratins, omelettes, quiches, souffles, and crepes. Desserts provide mouth- watering vegan alternatives to such standards as mousse au chocolate, clafoutis, tarte tatin, pain perdu, gateau, and madeleines.

The dishes are sumptuously photographed showing all your favorite French dishes vegan-style.

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