Unruly by Timothy Ellis

Unruly by Timothy Ellis (ePUB) Free Download

Unruly by Timothy Ellis (Unbound Mercs #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lyla Cowan is finally feeling good about where she is.
But what she is remains a yet to be answered question.
Ralnor space is proving to be just as lucrative as DU space was.
And just as dangerous.

The Ralnor don’t like the Unruly, and they act like it’s not a problem.
But Lyla can now see the cracks in the façade.
But are things actually much worse than anyone will admit?
Now she has a full service mercenary company at her back.
Now she can face whatever comes at her with confidence.
But Unruly is, as Unruly does.

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