Undead Odyssey by Ryan Casey

Undead Odyssey by Ryan Casey (The Infected Chronicles #7)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In a world devoured by chaos, a tale of survival unfolds.
One month ago, a merciless virus turned normal people into ruthless infected killers, thrusting the nation into unrelenting chaos.
Amid the ruins of a violent clash, Keira and Nisha embark on a perilous journey toward a rumored safe haven. Yet, with every step, the threats multiply — not just from the infected hordes but from the shadows of desperate survivors. Will their resilience be enough to navigate this treacherous landscape, or is safety nothing more than a mirage?

While her companions press forward, Sarah finds herself isolated, grappling with a harrowing revelation that shatters her understanding of this new world. A dangerous secret emerges, urging her to hasten her quest to reunite with Keira and Nisha. But does she have what it takes to find them, before it’s too late?
In a world unraveling at the seams can our survivors brave the dangers that lurk at every turn, or will the pursuit of safety lead them into even greater peril?

Undead Odyssey is the gripping seventh chapter in the riveting Infected Chronicles post-apocalyptic saga. In a world where the line between friend and foe blurs, our heroes face their most challenging journey yet. Will they emerge victorious, or be consumed by the shadows lurking in their midst?

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