Time Parallel by Elyse Douglas

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Time Parallel by Elyse Douglas
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Straddling two parallel worlds, Harper Close confronts the mysteries of time and reality in an emotional story of love, loss, and redemption.
Following a devastating tornado that ravages her hometown and kills her family, 30-year-old Harper Close returns to confront the aftermath and bury her parents and brother.

As she prepares to depart the town, another storm strikes, hurling her into a parallel reality. Suddenly, she finds herself back in her hometown, a week before the fatal tornado is set to strike. In this alternate reality, Harper discovers unsettling differences, and when she approaches her family, they’re suspicious and angry, refusing to recognize her.

With time slipping away, Harper faces a daunting task: to convince her family and the skeptical townsfolk of the need to prepare for the impending disaster, even while evading a menacing figure from the town’s mysterious past, who is determined to end her life.

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