This Family Lies by J.M. Cannon

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This Family Lies by J.M. Cannon
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Iris Adler was supposed to be killed.
In their home in Southern Louisiana, Iris and her husband Joseph are both shot point-blank in the head by an unknown assailant.
While her husband is killed, Iris survives, but only by a ricochet.

She wakes with her memory fractured. She doesn’t remember her husband’s family, eager as they are to take her into their world of marble, maids and prim Southern manners.
Not long after Iris goes to heal at the family’s historic plantation, a girl is found dead in the sugarcane stalks nearby. And of these wealthy, strange people Iris is surrounded by, she realizes one of them might still be trying to kill her.
The only thing certain is not everyone is getting out of this alive.

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