This Book is Cheaper Than Therapy by Liz Kelly

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This Book is Cheaper Than Therapy: A No-Nonsense Guide to Improving Your Mental Health by Liz Kelly
English | 2024 | Healthcare & Fitness

Tired of feeling like shit but can’t afford therapy?

Finding a good therapist is hard. Finding a good therapist you vibe with—and who won’t break the bank—is even harder. In This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy, seasoned therapist Liz Kelly brings the therapy office to you. So even if money is tight, your insurance doesn’t cover therapy, you can’t find quality practitioners in your area, or you’ve been stuck on a therapist’s waitlist for months, you can still feel better now.

With her cheeky humor, undeniable wit, and perfectly timed f-bombs, Liz has a talent for explaining complex mental health concepts in a way you can understand and can put into practice immediately. And don’t worry—at no point in this book will you ever hear the phrase “healing journey,” “your truth,” or any other over-used therapy platitudes.

Instead, you’ll learn how to:
• Practice real self-care when life feels overwhelming
(and no, shopping doesn’t count)
• Quiet and tame your inner critic
(because, let’s be honest, you’re way too hard on yourself)
• Manage all the feels
(even the ones you pretend you can ignore)
• Set boundaries and master the art of saying no
(especially when it’s really, really hard)
• Maintain healthy relationships and find your people
(I promise, they’re out there!)
• Cope with the pain of grief and loss
(and start the journey toward healing)
• Prioritize your values to create a more meaningful, kick-ass life
(because you deserve it!)

Imagine if Tina Fey were your best friend and next-door neighbor… and she also just happened to be an experienced therapist. It is possible to feel better—just take that first step and let Liz be your guide.

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