The Winner by C.J. Parsons

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The Winner by C.J. Parsons
English | 2024 | Thriller & Suspense

Fame, fortune, followers. Be careful what you wish for…
Heather thought she’d been left behind in life, until she won a place in the luxurious ‘Triple F’ lottery, where fame, fortune and followers await 12 lucky winners.
The rules are simple: live the lifestyle of your dreams and win £5,000 a week for the rest of your life, plus six months of fame on the country’s most popular app – as long as you’re not bottom of the rankings. Lose your followers, and you lose everything.

But there’s trouble in paradise.
Too many winners are falling victim to tragedy: addiction, depression, even suicide. Someone, somewhere, seems to know their secrets, and is stirring up hatred online. And Heather has secrets of her own.
Suddenly she’s not worried about losing her lifestyle. She’s afraid of losing her life.

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