The Ultimate Nutrition Bible by Matt Gallant, Wade T. Lightheart

The Ultimate Nutrition Bible: Easily Create the Perfect Diet that Fits Your Lifestyle, Goals, and Genetics by Matt Gallant, Wade T. Lightheart
English | 2023 | Healthcare & Fitness

End the war with your diet by creating an optimized nutrition plan based on your goals, your genes, and your personal needs.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the barrage of diet-related marketing and advertising? Have you gone keto then vegetarian then vegan and still felt lost as to what makes a diet sustainable? Are you part of the 97 percent of people who have failed to lose weight long term?

Matt Gallant and Wade T. Lightheart, founders of BIOptimizers, are here to help you identify the factors that will bring you lasting results by helping you create a nutritional strategy that works for you. This all-in-one, comprehensive guide to the current diet and nutritional landscape will help you establish a personalized sustainable dietary strategy based on your goals, genetics, and unique needs. Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart, founders of BiOptimizers, provide the data, proven strategies, and hard-earned insights so that you can:
• Gain clarity about nutrition and dieting
• Lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off for life
• Tailor a wide variety of nutritional strategies to be effective for you
• Eat for maximum athletic and mental performance
• Optimize your nutrition to maximize your life span

In the end, the only person that matters is you, and you deserve all the tools you need for the life you want to live.”

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