The Shock Trooper by Jayden R. Cox

The Shock Trooper by Jayden R. Cox (ePUB) Free Download

The Shock Trooper by Jayden R. Cox
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

Humanity has colonized the Milky Way and its first encounter with an old alien race has not been peaceful.

The merciless Seisossa, a lizard-like race, seem to have humans at the top of their menu. But the brave men and women of the Imperial Marines throw themselves against the attackers every day to protect the human colonies from the horrors that wait in the dark.

Among them is Captain John James Johnson. His preferred area of operation is the frontline. No mission is too hot for him, no obstacle too big. The word “impossible” does not exist in his vocabulary. With his renowned valor and straightforwardness, he is the Empire’s first choice for the hardest missions.

His life and that of his unit suddenly take a dangerous turn when the Empress sends them on a secret mission that will decide the fate of the Empire, and may just end the war with the Seisossa at the same time.

But there are other forces in the universe. Forces of which no human and no other species have a clue. And what John James Johnson doesn’t know yet, is that he and his comrades have been sent into a breach that could tear the whole galaxy apart.

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