The Quill and the Vial by Bree Moore

The Quill and the Vial by Bree Moore (Plague King Chronicles #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Plants lie, and Jayce can hear them.
For seven years, a deadly plague has threatened the realm. Jayce has survived by using her plant magic to make and sell remedies, but most of her funds are sucked dry by a corrupt debt collector and the impossible debt she owes the realm.
When the debt collector threatens Jayce with prison unless she’ll marry him, she flees into the woods. There, she runs into a nameless baron who agrees to pay her debt if she’ll help him find the last of the seers who remembers the prophecy of the Plague King.

Together they’ll face warrior monks, carnivorous reindeer, and their own dark pasts as they journey to find a cure before the Plague King rises to wipe out the realm.
Jayce failed the world once. Can she prevent it from happening again?

THE QUILL AND THE VIAL is the first book in the Plague King Chronicles, a magical epic fantasy trilogy that is both cozy and dark. If you like warm drinks by the fire, vast lands, and fantastic adventures, you’ll love the Plague King Chronicles.

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