The Quiet One by J. A. Baker

The Quiet One by J. A. Baker
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Looking for a psychological drama which will have you gripped? Then you will love the unmissable The Quiet One from best-selling author J.A. Baker!

Can you ever escape the past?

Stella and her partner Wade appear to have the perfect life. They have a lovely home and Stella loves her job as a teacher in a local secondary school. But when Stella starts to receive a series of threatening letters, her life takes a sinister turn.
Determined to find out who is behind the threats, Stella is forced to examine her own dark past. And all evidence points to a man with whom she had a one-night stand. A man Wade knows nothing about…

Deciding to confront him, Stella discovers the man knows nothing about the letters, forcing her to look even closer to home and a secret she had hoped would stay hidden.

Meanwhile, the threats escalate and Stella fears her perfect life is about to come crashing down.
But who is behind the campaign of hate and why?

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