The Only Son by Brian R. O’Rourke

The Only Son by Brian R. O’Rourke
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Sarah loves her only son. She’s pretty sure he could never kill anyone.
When Sarah’s son, Andrew, calls her at work and begs her to come home immediately, she fears he’s being bullied again. But it’s so much worse than that.
Because when Andrew got back from summer camp, he found thirteen-year-old Hal English in their garage.
Dead. With no plausible explanation as to how he got there.

To make matters worse, Hal was one of the kids bullying Andrew at school and just recently they had a fistfight. And Andrew has a reputation for being impulsive and quick to anger.
As much as she loves him, as much as she wants to believe he is innocent, Sarah has to admit that Andrew looks guilty.
But she knows one thing for sure – no matter what she has to do, what risks she has to take, she will do anything to protect her only son.

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