The Midwinter Queen by R. H. Linehan

The Midwinter Queen by R. H. Linehan (ePUB) Free Download

The Midwinter Queen by R. H. Linehan (The Ulvvori Chronicles #1)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Three years after marrying to secure a delicate alliance, Queen Asenna flees the palace in the dead of night, desperate to protect her newborn son from the whims of his cruel and fickle father. She learns to rely on strangers and new friends as she searches desperately for her people, whose mystical connection with the kingdom’s giant wolves is the only thing her husband fears. Relentlessly pursued by the royal secret police, Asenna confronts her own humanity and destiny as she fights to protect her son, her family, and her home.

In all his years of service, Captain Carro Morelake has never disobeyed an order from his King, but when he is sent to hunt down Asenna and her child, doubts begin to take root in his mind. As he haunts the queen’s footsteps through a vast and mysterious forest, Carro’s memories and instincts are pitted against his loyalties. When he is forced to make an agonizing decision which leaves him at the mercy of those he once hunted, Carro must pass the hardest test of all: learn to trust himself or pay the price.

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