The Long Haul: Pursuit of Hope by Lena Gibson

The Long Haul: Pursuit of Hope by Lena Gibson (ePUB) Free Download

The Long Haul: Pursuit of Hope by Lena Gibson
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In 2195, GreenCorps controls the arid western lands of the former United States. They regulate water and sell only terminator seeds-forcing ongoing dependence on the corporation.
Elsa has the key to the Doomsday seed bunkers and taking it north to Canada is the only way to ensure its safety.
The rebels send help, but her group is betrayed before their departure. Fleeing in the night, Elsa and her friends disappear into the mountains, only one step ahead of GtreenCorps soldiers.

In Denver, Ginger, the sheltered daughter of the GreenCorps leader, hops a train, escaping her lonely existence imprisoned in her father’s mansion. Encountering hardship and devastating thirst, Ginger experiences the disparity between the starving, oppressed populace, and her life of privilege.
Rescued by Elsa’s group, she vows to help break the corporation’s stranglehold.
As the GreenCorps henchmen close in, the race with the key becomes desperate. If caught, Elsa and her found family face life imprisonment, or worse, execution –their one chance to change their world, lost forever.

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